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Embroidered Caps are the Best!

Everyone loves a good-looking ballcap, and what better way to stand out than with a custom embroidered hat featuring your company logo? Embroidered hats with company logos are a great way to put your brand in the spotlight and make a lasting impression on your customers and potential customers.

Villa Rica Ball Cap

Everyone loves a good-looking ballcap, and what better way to stand out than with a custom embroidered hat featuring your company logo? Embroidered hats with company logos are a great way to put your brand in the spotlight and make a lasting impression on your customers and potential customers.

By adding your company name and logo to a stylish hat, everyone will be able to see your brand. With embroidery, the colors you choose can add to the style of the hat, and give it a more personal look. And the added durability of the embroidery ensures that your hats will look great and last for a very long time.

Not only is embroidery a great way to promote your company, but it’s also an excellent way to show your employees that you appreciate their hard work. By adding customized hats with your company logo to your uniform, you can motivate your employees to help your business grow and generate even more sales.

In short, embroidered hats with company logos are an easy and effective way to boost your brand, give your employees something special, and stand out from the competition. So why not give them a try today?

Amazing Embroidery Projects by CAD

Embroidered Ball Caps
Book Bags




CAD Impressions has been working on some amazing embroidery projects, featuring everything from book bags to hats, shirts, and jackets.

At CAD Impressions, we are proud to be an authorized North Face® decorator.

Our embroidery projects showcase unique designs that can be customized to meet the individual needs of our customers. We are able to embroider a variety of items, from full logos to company names, graphics, and personal messages. We work with businesses and individuals to create custom embroidery projects that add a personalized touch to any apparel item.

CAD Impressions is a leader in the embroidery industry, offering superior quality and customer service. When you choose us for your embroidery needs, you can be sure you are getting the best products and services available. Contact us today to discuss your embroidery project and find out how we can help you make it a success!

Embroidery; A classic branding technique.

Embroidery is a classic branding technique that has been used for centuries. It involves stitching a design or logo onto a fabric using colored threads. This technique is highly effective in creating a professional and distinctive look for your business, brand, or organization. Here are some of the benefits of branding with embroidery:

Embroidery Stitch Heads
Embroidery is a classic branding technique that has been used for centuries. It involves stitching a design or logo onto a fabric using colored threads. This technique is highly effective in creating a professional and distinctive look for your business, brand, or organization. Here are some of the benefits of branding with embroidery:

1. Lasting Impression: Embroidery creates a lasting and durable impression on your clients and customers. Unlike other branding methods, embroidery doesn't fade, crack, or peel off easily. It creates a professional and polished look that will make your brand stand out.

2. Versatility: Embroidery can be applied to a wide range of fabrics, including cotton, polyester, and wool. This makes it a versatile branding method that can be used for a variety of products, including apparel, bags, hats, and more.

3. Customization: Embroidery allows you to create custom designs that are unique to your brand. You can choose from a variety of thread colors, fonts, and designs to create a logo or design that accurately represents your brand.

4. Professionalism: Embroidery adds a touch of professionalism to your brand. It gives your products a high-end look and feel that will impress your clients and customers.

5. Brand Awareness: Embroidery is an effective way to increase brand awareness. Your logo or design will be visible to anyone who sees the product, whether it's a t-shirt, hat, or bag. This will help increase brand recognition and promote your brand to a wider audience.

Overall, branding with embroidery is a smart and effective way to create a lasting impression for your brand. It's versatile, customizable, and adds a touch of professionalism to your products. If you're looking for a branding method that will help your brand stand out, embroidery is a great option to consider.

We are an Authorized North Face® Decorator

CAD Impressions is an Authorized North Face® Garment decorator, We can add embroidery or silkscreen embellishments to your garments.

Shop SanMar for the garments of your choice and have them drop-shipped to:

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Send your P.O., garment order, and artwork to the email link below

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Once we receive all items for your order we will confirm when you can expect the project completion date.
CAD Impressions can Blind Ship to your client, ship back to your location or you may pick up your project at our location in Acworth.

At CAD Impressions we work hard to meet your deadline, so every job is on time every time!

Screen Printing vs Digital Printing: What’s The Difference?

In recent times it is a highly popular stuff to custom t-shirt. People just love wearing customized things. It can be for nostalgia or promote a particular event or just to create their own identity. Most of the t-shirts are worn by students or youngster and millennial these days manufactured through screen printing. 

What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is a form of art and a kind of designing. It requires a sufficient amount of effort on the part of a graphic professional. It includes various steps such as designing or creating a piece of work with an idea. Many a time these custom t-shirts are prepared in bulk by the t-shirt design online services and that needs building out a whole concept prior printing the order out.

T-shirt printing facilities are available at physical store where photography and printouts are found; also many websites and startups are rising to provide t-shirt printing online for your convenience. There are expertise companies providing screen printing detailed customized designs to perfection. T-shirt design is basically custom-made to personalize.

Distinguish Between Screen Printing & Digital Printing?

Digital printing requires a special fabric printing that helps in transferring the image directly onto the textile. This requires a digital printer rather than a stencil; any multicolored design can be smoothly printed within the exact time. But in screen printing, very less setup is required for performing the printing task.

The results of the designs are extraordinarily beautiful as computerized images are being used instead of a stencil; it is very easy to make highly detailed design over here. However, the intensity of the color is very low as compared to screen printing. The design that is printed using CMYK styles dot rather than solid blocks of ink, due to this you cannot make any textured effects over here.

Custom t-shirt printing is usually used for promotional purpose or as a strategy by certain brands or as merchandise by few websites producing little content so that people who are following them can express their liking and affiliations with them.

This way few brands producing or selling t-shirts achieve a great amount of profits and also receive free advertisements that not only makes them known to the clients but also receive free advertisement that not only makes it a popular brand but also expands customer base.

Summer Days into Autumn Nights

Summer Days into Autumn Nights

This summer finally felt like summers of the past. Sports, community events, swimming pools, and concerts all seemed to get back on schedule. We were able to reconnect with loved ones and old friends, meet coworkers we may have never seen in person and get out on the road again to places we missed. As summer transitions to fall; kids are back in school, football games are happening, and evening events are still on, even with the chill in the air.

What’s The Tea?

Winding down, finding ways to relax, and exercising self-care are all habits everyone seemed to pick up in 2020. Warming up with a nice cup of tea and reflecting is a healthy way to unwind. It’s also a great excuse to drop by and see clients and customers and offer them a token of appreciation.

These cans of apple cinnamon tea are a lovely little gift! The flavor notes are the perfect complement to fall, and the packaging gives off the whole “cottage-core” interior design vibe everyone’s been favoring lately. Even if the client himself isn’t a tea drinker, they’re a great treat to have around in the office’s break room. Have them customized with your company’s information and it will serve as a reminder that you’re always there for them.

Claim a Spot or Snuggle Up Late summer and early fall are tricky times because it’s warm during the day, but the temperature dips as the sun go down. Prepping for day trips (and remembering the layers of gear) needs to be pared down, but it’s always important to be prepared for anything!

These fleece blankets are the perfect solution! They roll up with a handle and can be easily toted along for a picnic or time at the beach. They also transition from being something to sit on to something to wrap up in during an evening football game or other concerts. Have them customized and give them to customers as a bonus gift, or award your staff with a little something special as a thank you for all of the hard work.

Toast Hands, Toast ‘Mallows There’s something about harvest season that brings out the need for bonfires and gathering around the fire. Portable fire pits are a great way to make that happen in any space!

These firepits double as grills and can even be used as beverage dispensers and make a really fun giveaway prize! They’re perfect for a “Get S’more From Us” promotion or raffle and be sure to include all of the s’more Fixin’s. They also make a great addition to a booth at a fall festival, giving away fresh s’mores or hot dogs while having the chance to meet and talk shop with some potential clients.

Outfit the Whole Crew Now that everyone’s out and about, it’s time to freshen up our wardrobes! Some of us have gained the COVID 15, and others of us got really into purging things while hanging out at home. Regardless of the “why,” it’s a certainty that just about anyone could use a fresh new sweatshirt!

Thankfully crew-neck shirts have fallen back into favor! These come in a great palette of muted fall colors that will make your business’ artwork or logo POP! Get staff outfitted in brand new sweatshirts for a new promotion, or have the new product art put on the outdoor wear for customers to purchase and show their love for their new favorite thing.

Mask Up in Style This summer felt like the end of masks, with states and countries opening back up and more information making it easier to tell that outdoor gatherings with vaccinations are relatively safe. With the new strains, it looks like many places are starting to require masks again out of an abundance of caution. When we thought it was time to say goodbye, a lot of people really DID say goodbye to their masks.

Make their closet purge your success! Come out with a stylishly patterned mask that feels a little more luxe, in fall colors. It’s a nice way to put a little bit of fun and flair into what’s become a utilitarian and annoying (but potentially life-saving) thing we have to wear.


Dear Addy, We sponsored a youth football team this year for the first time. It was a hoot seeing all of the kids in their jerseys with our business’ logo on them! One of the things we do as sponsors is thrown their end-of-the-year party, and we typically put together little favor bags for the kids. The league provides trophies and ribbons, but we also wanted to give the families a little keepsake they can treasure forever. Any ideas?


Touchdowns for Kids

Dear Touchdowns, Sponsoring a youth team is a totally underrated way to get free advertising during games. It’s also an excellent way to make connections in the community and build a reputation for philanthropy in the area you serve. I always love the traditions that make these experiences so bonding for the kids and their families.

These bobble heads are a quirky and fun little something for families! Get them to the coaches ahead of time and ask them to fill in the photos before the party. Kids and family members will get a kick out of seeing the “little quarterback” and they’re sure to be a souvenir that is treasured and remembered for years to come.

Best of luck,


Come to the Rescue

Come to the Rescue


We’ve finally made it past the cold weather and harsh elements of winter! As a celebration of the arrival of spring, outdoor events are popping up everywhere! From formal events like outdoor tradeshows, sporting events when baseball picks up speed, collegiate events such as outdoor concerts, or community events like school carnivals, it seems like everyone is taking it to the outside.

The best way to maximize your presence at these events is to be ready with a great, useful giveaway so you can attend at a moment’s notice. Making sure you have an item that is useful enough for the recipient to keep around and continue to see your company’s contact information is the best way to maximize your visibility with these potential clients.


These mini first aid kits are perfection! They’re small enough to fit in a backpack, purse, diaper bag, or glove compartment. It’s practically a guarantee that someone will need a bandage, likely more than once, over the spring and summer, and by having your company’s information neatly and prominently displayed, the owners of the kit will commit your business to memory.


Plan a Perfect Picnic

An extremely common spring tradition is the picnic! Considering an employee event to reenergize your staff? Organize an event outdoors to treat your colleagues to a day of sunshine, activities, and eating!


Make sure your employees are comfortable on the lawn by setting them up with these convenient and stylish picnic blankets. They are compact enough to leave in the trunk anytime the urge to sit outside strikes, and they boost your company’s contact information and logo, making their appearance an opportunity to advertise your business.

Planning on having contests and games to add to the joy of the event? Prizes are a necessary incentive! These picnic baskets continue with the outdoor theme and are extremely handy; the winners will be grateful! They’ll be able to be used at upcoming picnics, as well as to insulate and transport food items to parties, keep ice cream cold on the way home from the market, or act as a cooler on the beach! Having a few extra on hand to give to VIP clients or use as the basket portion of a gift basket will come in handy as well.


Make Sure They’re Ready to take to the Outdoors


Looking for the right item to offer as a giveaway at your next tradeshow or fair? End that search here!


Continuing with the theme of outdoor excursions, this package is perfect for any event in the sunshine! Two umbrella chairs, a sturdy stainless-steel cooler, an umbrella for shade, and a wagon to tote everything to its destination is a combination that will make anyone prepared! Regardless of whether your new lead is a sports fan, beach bum, camping enthusiast, or simply a parent, having this kit in their arsenal of portable setups is too enticing a chance to pass up!


It’s an eyecatching setup to have out in your booth to capture the attention of the show-goers. Use a strategic raffle form that asks pointed questions in a concise way to determine if they’re a viable lead for your business and continue to build your database of new customers. The winner will be delighted to take everything home… and every time they set up their prize, everyone will be sure to see your logo prominently displayed on the chairs and umbrella!



Stay Warm and Toasty in the Chilly Evenings


Even though the warmth of the sun is present during the days, the evenings can still be quite chilly! Finding a great way to keep the attention of clients when the sun goes down is a must after the sunsets.


Set your sales team up with these portable outdoor firepits! They’re an excellent tool to take out when the temperature drops. Whether used at the beach to keep the wind at bay, roast up marshmallows at an outdoor open house, or provide a great conversation space, people can’t help but flock to the fire! The hanging sign provides the perfect place to prominently display your logo.


Hanging at an all-day event? The fire pit doubles as a beverage tub! During the day and warmer months use it to house beverages to keep everyone hydrated.

Show Them What You’re All About


Make sure your sales and community outreach teams are set up for success at their next tradeshow or event! Putting together an eye-catching overview on a display board of your product or business will be the perfect tool for your employees to use as a visual at their next event. The 6’ display adds credibility and professionalism to any setup and allows visitors a chance to learn more about your business, even if your staff becomes swarmed with a crowd.


Dear Addy,


We have an apparel company that focuses on athletic wear and accessories. This spring, we have quite a few tradeshows and events that we’re going to be attending to peddle our wares and build brand awareness.


Our company is very focused on sustainability and eco-conscious practices, so we do our best to reduce packaging waste at these events. Because of this, we’ve always used reusable signs and priced our product line very simply: short-sleeved shirts for one price, water bottles for another.


With our recent expansion of products, for the first time, we need to price items out more specific and can no longer stick to our original plan and maximize our profits. Do you have any ideas for tags or labeling that is consistent with our mission?


Thanks in advance,

Keeping the Earth Green


Dear Earth Green,


Thank you for your efforts to reduce your carbon footprint! I completely understand your conundrum; finding a way to be consistent with your company’s values sounds like one of the tenants you’ve built your business on, so determining the best way to make this work in a way that’s true to you is key.


These seeded paper hang-tags are the perfect solution to your dilemma! The information for your product and pricing are professionally prominent, and the paper it’s printed on can be planted to bring beautiful flowers to the recipient, rather than tossed to end up in a landfill. The labeling aligns perfectly with your mission and provides a solution to your current problem.


Best of luck,