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Screen Printing vs Digital Printing: What’s The Difference?

In recent times it is a highly popular stuff to custom t-shirt. People just love wearing customized things. It can be for nostalgia or promote a particular event or just to create their own identity. Most of the t-shirts are worn by students or youngster and millennial these days manufactured through screen printing. 

What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is a form of art and a kind of designing. It requires a sufficient amount of effort on the part of a graphic professional. It includes various steps such as designing or creating a piece of work with an idea. Many a time these custom t-shirts are prepared in bulk by the t-shirt design online services and that needs building out a whole concept prior printing the order out.

T-shirt printing facilities are available at physical store where photography and printouts are found; also many websites and startups are rising to provide t-shirt printing online for your convenience. There are expertise companies providing screen printing detailed customized designs to perfection. T-shirt design is basically custom-made to personalize.

Distinguish Between Screen Printing & Digital Printing?

Digital printing requires a special fabric printing that helps in transferring the image directly onto the textile. This requires a digital printer rather than a stencil; any multicolored design can be smoothly printed within the exact time. But in screen printing, very less setup is required for performing the printing task.

The results of the designs are extraordinarily beautiful as computerized images are being used instead of a stencil; it is very easy to make highly detailed design over here. However, the intensity of the color is very low as compared to screen printing. The design that is printed using CMYK styles dot rather than solid blocks of ink, due to this you cannot make any textured effects over here.

Custom t-shirt printing is usually used for promotional purpose or as a strategy by certain brands or as merchandise by few websites producing little content so that people who are following them can express their liking and affiliations with them.

This way few brands producing or selling t-shirts achieve a great amount of profits and also receive free advertisements that not only makes them known to the clients but also receive free advertisement that not only makes it a popular brand but also expands customer base.